Our mission and vision

Our Mission

Our main objective is to sustain our achievements and to convey these accomplishments to the future and to provide a service of best quality to our customers. As Ziyafet Çiğ Köfte, we set the goal of providing a service of best quality with our tasteful and fresh products and with our staff giving importance to their responsibilities, human health, hygiene and healthy nutrition.

Our priorities are to make this irresistible taste, considered only as a local food, even more irresistible and to introduce it all around Turkey and carry the brand to the top. We bring a different taste and a different point of view with our special and fresh spices that we have prepared for çiğköfte dating back to 4,000 years ago.

Our Vision

Introducing Ziyafet Çiğ Köfte all around Turkey through our dealership system and our branches and increasing employment by means of this irresistible taste are among our main objectives.

We managed to become a huge family with our employees, our customers and our branches all over Turkey and we continue to take even firmer steps forward.

Ziyafet Çiğ Köfte, which produces extraordinary flavor of Anatolian cuisine in accordance with international standards, is compatible with all the hygiene rules required in the field of production and service. Ziyafet Çiğ Köfte, aiming to present the real taste of çiğ köfte, uses delicious ingredients of high quality matching the expectations and tastes of our customers and always reliable for them.