Our facility established in an indoor area of 4800 m2 performs production by using ISO 9001 Quality Standard and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems effectively. At the same time, our company having a Halal Food Production Certificate operates in accordance with the regulations and instructions issued by Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. In addition to all these procedures, our company is regularly audited by Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and by independent auditing institutions, proving the conformity to "Food Safety". We place the brand value of Ziyafet Çiğköfte on "quality" and "food safety". We have been working by putting all our efforts in order to provide you safe food from field to fork and we will continue to do so.


The highest hygiene standards are applied in our products produced with high technology production methods in every step from production to packaging and delivery. The processes as the purchasing of raw material, production, storage and delivery are neatly supervised and controlled by food engineers who are experts in their fields in Ziyafet Çiğköfte which does its best to provide you delicious food that you can safely consume at ease. Our products are tested and verified for consumption with physical, chemical and microbiological analysis in our laboratories. Then they are distributed all around Turkey with cold-chain vehicles.