Our HR Policy

To be fair and understanding in our relations with our staff and to be aligned with the regulations covered by laws concerning Working Life and Occupational Health and Safety are our essential principle. For that reason, ZİYAFET respects the rights of its staff at a maximum level.

Ziyafet acts with the responsibility and consciousness of operating in the çiğköfte sector with its staff. Ziyafet believes that it is a constantly growing family in its sector day by day. ZİYAFET sees every single person in the staff as a member of the family and believes that each personnel has role in this growth. ZİYAFET, which aims to grow constantly knows that this growth will be accomplished with self-sacrifice and efforts of the staff.

ZİYAFET which is aware of the fact that attaining success in a sector where the investment in the staff should be at the highest level depends on sustaining human resources policies steadily, has adopted this decisiveness as a management principle and philosophy. For this reason, ZİYAFET has created Human Resources policies with the awareness that every staff has the biggest share in the growth and accomplishment of the company. ZİYAFET pays great attention to the commitment of the staff to their workplace and the performance in order to reach the strategic human resources policies and sustainable objectives. It implements the human resources policy which is contemporary, considers training and progress and is open to the development as priorities.

ZİYAFET, believing that it will exist with its staff in a long journey from the past to the future, believes that it will still exist in the future by collaborating with its staff.