Our Working Policy

As ZİYAFET, we are aware of the seriousness of our work because we operate in an area which greatly concerns Community Food Health. The guarantee of our Social Responsibility for the community is our working principles with our corporate values that make us who we are. We, as ZİYAFET, have WORKING PRINCIPLES suggested by our founders and conveyed to present. These values and principles are essential values that bring ZİYAFET family from past to present.

The values and musts that are chosen by ZİYAFET in order to ensure their sustainability throughout generations are to be aligned with the laws in all its operations and to work with all people and institutions on the basis of openness and trust.


  • That we do not discriminate on grounds of race, religion, language and gender in all kinds of relations with our staff,
  • That we make our utmost efforts to provide a safe and peaceful working environment for our staff,
  • That we respect and obey all kinds of rights of our staff arising from the law,
  • That we make our utmost efforts to create an equal opportunity in issues such as training, salaries and promotion starting from the recruitment of our staff.



• We are aware of the fact that we are working in an area that concerns Community Health.

• We complete our tasks in accordance with our terms of references.

• We protect our corporate principles and values.

• We never compromise Loyalty and Honesty against our Company.

• We work collaboratively and with a team spirit to attain the right result.

• High business ethics and honest working principles are indispensable for us.

• We always conform to laws and inter-corporate rules.

• We are always alert to the Rules for Occupational Health and Safety.

• We have trust in ourselves and in our colleagues.

• Ethical values are important to us.

• We are aware of our social responsibility.