Franchising Terms

You may also join Ziyafet family with a very low capital;

Contact us if you want to join Çiğköfte sector that minimizes risk in investment and even provides income warranty with Ziyafet Çiğköfte that is a strong brand, rich concept, investor-supporting with its unbelievable taste.  

1.) The franchise to be established shall be on a point where pedestrian and vehicle traffic is crowded.

2.) You may not demand the value of right of trade name.

3.) Opening expenses of franchise to be established shall be covered by franchise.

4.) A franchise agreement that protects the interests of both parties shall be made between company and franchise.

5.) You shall be directed by us during establishment phase of franchise to be established in accordance with the concept designed by our company.

6.) Any participation charge or fee shall not be demanded from franchise for any advertisement expenses that shall be released in written and visual media. 

7.) The personnel who shall work in the franchise shall be trained before opening and necessary know how and support shall be provided by our company in the following phases.

8.) Products are produced with high quality ingredients and in a hygienic environment. These production conditions are certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 quality certificates.

9.) Products are shipped in vacuumed packages in hygienic environments from our production facilities to franchises within permission of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.