Stand Concept


Ziyafet Çiğ Köfte presents an advantageous business model for investors with low investment cost in addition to its delicious taste and product quality...

Ziyafet Çiğ Köfte has achieved a great success by increasing the number of its dealers and franchisers quickly and successfully. Finally, today, it has become one of the most known and successful brands in this field in Turkey.  

As of February 2014, Ziyafet Çiğ Köfte, which is one of the most popular chains of çiğ köfte sector with nearly 440 franchise branches in Turkey, receives a large number of franchising and master franchising demands from all over the world. In this context, meetings with investors in different regions and countries in the world, especially in Europe and neighbor countries, still continue.

Ziyafet Çiğ Köfte presents a profitable and sustainable business model by offering flexible, practical and economic alternatives according to the investment budgets of the entrepreneurs. Presenting Ziyafet Çiğköfte in every part of Turkey and increasing the employment with its irresistible taste are among our priority targets within our concept of Kiosk.


  • Fast-growing and leading company of the sector
  • Increasing brand recognition of Ziyafet Çiğ Köfte at national level
  • Growth potential in Çiğ köfte sector
  • Market continuity
  • Fast return of investments
  • Nutrients that are fresh, of high quality, healthy and delicious
  • Service of high quality
  • High hygiene standards
  • Pleasant consumption areas
  • Training support
  • Advertisement power
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Strong distribution network


Ziyafet Çiğköfte offers the most innovative business model of 2014 with KİOSK CONCEPT, as a TURN-KEY; where there is a digital screen, refrigerated cabinet for çiğ köfte, workbench, and cupboard for desserts.

It offers easy installation opportunity in the areas of 5-10m2 in shopping centers, bazaars, parks, markets, gas stations, recreational areas, zoos, and beaches, recreational areas for children, , cinemas, sports centers and canteens. 

Ziyafet Çiğköfte Kiosk